Light Show Kicks-Off Gay Games Week

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Several hundred people were quite literally tripping the light fantastic on Mall B in downtown Cleveland. Dozens of computer controlled discs were laid across the grass, undulating with different colors as adults and children alike leapt between them. Jen Lewin created this pulsating project which she calls, The Pool

JEN LEWIN: We've been prototyping this since 2008. It's the largest version, yet. And we keep improving it.

Lewin is one of several world artists who were commissioned by Land Studio to fashion light sculptures to celebrate the 9th Gay Games. The most visible of these night time displays is a gay pride-themed rainbow-colored shaft of laser light which is being projected over the city from the Great Lakes Science Center. These multi-hued spectacles will be up through Saturday and serve as a kick-off for a week's-worth of over 35 sporting events. Organizers are expecting about 20,000 competitors and spectators to visit, between now and August 16th.

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