Legalization of Recreational Marijuana Use Could be On 2014 Ballot

Tonya Davis with Responsible Ohioans for Cannabis says the proposal would decriminalize recreational use of marijuana in Ohio.

"We just believe that they need to stop wasting our tax dollars on arresting, harassing, and tearing up families for using something that is safer than aspirin," she said.

Davis points out it’s currently legal to buy products made with hemp in Ohio, but it’s not legal to grow it and make the same products here.

Davis and backers of her proposed amendment have handed in signatures to state officials to start the process of putting the issue on the November 2014 ballot. At least 1,000 valid signatures are needed at this point to get the language certified. After that, the group will have to collect nearly 400,000 valid signatures to actually put the issue before voters next fall.

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