LaTourette to Lead D.C. Lobbying Firm

LaTourette evidently had his ducks lined up well before his ninth congressional term ended January 3rd.

Less than one week later, LaTourette is now President of McDonald Hopkins Government Strategies, a subsidiary of the Cleveland-based McDonald Hopkins Law Firm. It's not a branch office that offers legal services, according to the press release announcing LaTourette's hiring, but rather an ancillary business that provides lobbying and government relations services. His wife, Jennifer LaTourette, will serve as Vice president, drawing on a decade of prior experience at another D.C. lobbying firm.

The former Congressman says he brought moderate, constructive values to his work in Congress, and will continue to represent those values in his new post. LaTourette has also accepted a three year stint as President of the non-profit Republican Main Street Partnership, a group of current and former members of Congress that raises money to support moderate conservative causes.

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