LaTourette: House Speaker Boehner Won't Let U.S. Default

Official staff photo of ex-Congressman Steve LaTourette (R-OH)
Official staff photo of ex-Congressman Steve LaTourette (R-OH)

After nine terms in Congress, Steven LaTourette retired from politics last year, citing frustration with hyper-partisan gridlock. He says even as the latest round of talks fizzle, Boehner will not let the country default, even if means upsetting those on the far-right end of the GOP.

"My prediction is he'll put something clean on the floor just to reopen the government and calm the markets down," LaTourette told WCPN. "Then these guys that won't take "yes" for an answer will scream and yell and everything else.

"Like it or not, Republicans aren't in charge of all three levers of power in Washington. You have to have a piece of legislation in order for it to become law, it has to pass the Senate, has to get the president's signature. You just can't write whatever you want into some Tea Party manifesto, and say "Voila! I'm gonna impose my will on the rest of country."

LaTourette says the Tea Party contingent will likely challenge House Speaker for his title again, but feels that Boehner's played along to this point and will survive.

LaTourette adds since leaving Congress, he's started a group aimed at putting more moderate Republican politicians onto Capitol Hill.

(Report by ideastream's Brian Bull)

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