Kasich Sounds Off on Cleveland as Site for 2016 GOP Convention

OPR stock photo.
OPR stock photo.
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It didn’t take long for the state’s most visible Republican to get the news that his party had picked Cleveland as the site of its 2016 convention. Gov. John Kasich, who may very well be a candidate for president in 2016, was in Hamilton near Cincinnati today, at his first major event of his gubernatorial re-election campaign. Kasich says choosing Ohio shows the GOP is stepping out of its comfort zone.

“To be able to present a Republican Party that’s strong economically but cares about people who live in the shadows – it’s such a message that the Republicans have not had,” said Kasich. And we’re doing it.”

Kasich also says the selection is a great opportunity for Ohio Republicans to talk about their message, he gives credit to officials and residents of solidly-Democratic Cleveland.

“The people of Cleveland have worked day and night and left no stone unturned,” Kasich said. “They have been just phenomenal in the work they have done to be able to get this.”

Among those who have worked on this convention is Kasich’s Democratic opponent this fall, Cuyahoga County Executive Ed FitzGerald. He said in a statement that the selection is an incredible victory for Democratic Mayor Frank Jackson and northeast Ohio.

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