Kasich Fights Subpoena to Testify at Suarez Trial

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Kasich told reporters this morning that he doesn’t have anything to do with the case, and that he doesn’t know what the subpoena is about.

“I’m not involved with this in any way,” Kasich said. “There’s nothing here.”

Suarez is accused of using employees and others to funnel illegal campaign contributions to state treasurer Josh Mandel and northeast Ohio Congressman Jim Renacci. Kasich told reporters that he may have met with Suarez long ago, but that it is unrelated to the current case.

“I’m really not engaged or concerned in the least,” the governor added.

The Suarez team wants the governor as a defense witness because they feel his testimony would be persuasive, and that it’s not improper for Suarez, as a constituent of the governor’s, to ask Kasich to testify. But the Ohio Attorney General’s office says Suarez isn’t entitled to ask for Kasich’s testimony.

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