Kasich Education Plan Uses Casino License Fees for Mentor Program

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Republican Gov. John Kasich is asking the legislature to help fund a program that would bring schools, parents and businesses leaders together for one common goal: to mentor young students. It’s called the Community Connectors Initiative.

Kasich’s proposal would take $10 million from the licensing fees the state receives from its four casinos and match funds raised by communities around Ohio. Kasich believes this would be a crucial step in leading kids to a well-rounded education.

“All of us in Ohio, we’re hungry to help," Kasich said in his speech this week. "We know what’s missing out there -- we just don’t always know how to do it. And Community Connectors is going to give us a chance to listen to the better angel inside of all of us to figure out how to make a difference in someone’s life.”

The governor says the program can go beyond the normal skills learned in a classroom and teach students other elements, such as professional etiquette and workplace culture.

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