Innovation Ohio Report Says Proposed State Budget Hurts Public Schools

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Innovation Ohio’s Dale Butland says public schools are the big losers in the Republican-backed budget plan that’s on the table right now.

"Most of them actually are getting less money than they did in the 2010-11 budget and about 25 percent of our schools will get less than they did in the 2012-13 budget."

Butland says the budget would give more money to charter schools and private schools that accept vouchers -- which, in his words, are "unaccountable." And he says the new formula for property taxes would make it harder for public schools to pass levies since the state won’t be reimbursing districts.

Republican Sen. Keith Faber says this plan is fair to local schools and taxpayers.

"I would say that we just in this budget are increasing K-12 funding by 11 percent," says Faber. "And I would think a lot of local taxpayers and property taxpayers think that levies should not be easier to pass, and from that perspective, we frankly want you to operate within your current means."

Lawmakers expect a vote on the new budget by the end of this week.

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