Husted Talks With Elections Officials Wednesday, Says Voting Details Will Matter in November

And they’ll hear from the state’s elections chief that details will matter in this year’s big statewide elections. Secretary of State Jon Husted says an agreement with a conservative group that accused Ohio of failing to keep accurate voter registration lists is part of what his office is doing to ensure that voting is simple, but tricking the system isn’t.

"All of these changes are really important for helping everybody have confidence," Husted said. "So no matter where you come out on the side fo whether you think voter suppression is a problem or whether you think voter fraud's a problem, what we really want to do is make it easy for everybody to vote, and hard to cheat, and to build confidence in the system. And the reforms that we're putting in place do that."

Husted’s office released a report this week showing 43 local races and issues were decided by one vote, which he also says enforces the need to make voting easy and fraud rare. At the elections officials conference, Husted will announce a schedule for voting in the May primary, and he says those days and hours will be the same all across the state.

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