Human Trafficking Awareness Campaign Launches Ahead Of RNC

Cleveland. (Tony Ganzer / ideastream)
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A collaboration of nearly 30 Cleveland-area health, social service and law enforcement agencies have unveiled a new campaign to raise awareness of human trafficking, ahead of the Republican National Convention.  Signs saying “Human Trafficking Happens Here Too” will start going up tomorrow.  From Ohio Public Radio station WKSU, Kevin Niedermier reports.

Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office has provided a $105,000 grant for the awareness effort.

DeWine says the campaign will have the most impact when the 50,000 convention-goers are expected in Cleveland, and that will help law enforcement do its job.

DeWine: “We cannot do that without the help of the public. So this is really, in my opinion, a teachable moment. An opportunity to reach so many influential people across this country.” 

The campaign also helps people recognize the possible signs of human trafficking like young girls staying in hotels for long periods of time with older men.  

A similar campaign is also being planned for the Democratic National Convention.

DeWine’s office says last year more than 200 potential human trafficking victims were identified across Ohio.

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