House Republicans Propose Alternative School Funding Plan

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Gov. Kasich had promised poor school districts would get more and richer ones would get less. But his funding proposal, which included huge percentage increases for some wealthy districts, had angered many school superintendents and left a lot of state lawmakers concerned and confused. House Finance Committee chair Ron Amstutz says the new formula spends about the same, but does it differently.

Amstutz: “The majority of our districts, the substantial majority are getting increases next year and the year after over what they were getting this year.”

As in the governor’s plan, no district gets less money. But the House plan lowers the number of districts getting so-called guarantee funding to around 175, down from nearly 400 in Kasich’s budget. School administrators said in a statement it’s too early to fully analyze the changes, but that they feel lawmakers are moving in the right direction.

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