House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Stumps in Cleveland for Equal Pay for Women

Pelosi said Democrats can accomplish an agenda aimed at increasing pay and benefits for working women, but only if they win 17 more seats this November and take back the House.

"From raising the minimum wage, paycheck fairness, paid sick leave, and quality affordable childcare," Pelosi said. "Seventeen seats. So in addition to saying when women succeed, America succeeds, we have to say when women vote, women succeed and America succeeds."

Pelosi spoke to supporters at the Service Employees International Union local headquarters in Cleveland. Joining her were Ohio Reps. Marcia Fudge, Marcy Kaptur of Toledo and Joyce Beatty of Columbus, along with Connecticut Rep. Rosa DeLauro and Maryland Rep. Donna Edwards.

The Ohio GOP counters that a Democratic majority would push its legislation through Congress without listening to opposition.

Pelosi also spoke in Seneca Falls, Boston and Columbus, among other cities.

Michael Wager -- the Democrat challenging GOP Rep. Dave Joyce in Ohio's 14th Congressional District -- spoke to supporters before Pelosi arrived. Pelosi and Wager embraced after the rally.

The Plain Dealer reports that the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has reserved time for TV ads in other races, but has bought only online ads so far to back Wager. Fudge told reporters Tuesday she believes the race remains competitive.

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