Honda Offers Free Engines For Certain Civics

WCPN stock photo of Honda assembly line, 2012.
WCPN stock photo of Honda assembly line, 2012.

Honda says it’s neither a recall nor even a “product update”….just an opportunity to fix a problem potentially affecting some vehicles. Company spokesman Chris Martin says the coolant leaks could be from cracks in the engine block.

“Some overheating would be the first thing that people would notice," says Martin. "And if you drive a drive a vehicle while it’s overheating, you can cause damage to other components in the engine. And there are different causes of overheating, so not everyone is necessarily covered by this particular warranty extension.

"But nonetheless it’s in the consumer’s best interests to stop driving right away, and get the vehicle to a dealer where it can be it inspected.”

Martin couldn’t say how many Civics may have the problem.

A northeast Honda service manager says figuring in for parts and labor, the value of a new engine or engine block comes to nearly $4800.

(Story by ideastream's Brian Bull)

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