Hazardous Weather Also Extends To Great Lakes

Ship's mast (WCPN stock photo)
Ship's mast (WCPN stock photo)
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The National Weather Service has issued gale warnings for many of the waterways spanning the upper Midwest and Canada. Strong winds, choppy water, and chunks of ice are posing their own threat to anyone who takes to the lakes.

Brian Mitchell of the National Weather Service in Cleveland says the conditions here on Lake Erie are formidable, especially to smaller craft.

“There’s gonna be freezing spray in the open areas of the lake. Waves of 5 to 7 feet. Ice in parts of the lake, but there are some open areas and the winds will push areas of ice around, and shift things. So…not a good place to be," says Mitchell.

"Things will be looking up relatively speaking, as we head towards the end of the week, could get temperatures above freezing.”

Gale warnings, wind chill warnings, and freezing spray warnings are all in effect through tonight. But as Mitchell points out, the weekend forecast shows highs reaching into the 30s and 40s…sure to be appreciated by many wanting a break from the deep freeze.

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