Haslam Responds to FBI Probe of His Company: 'I Haven't Done Anything Wrong'

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Haslam said learning of the FBI and IRS investigation “rocked us back.” But he maintained that his company was “run the right way,” and that Pilot Flying J would conduct its own investigation.

Although he said he would take no questions and read from a prepared statement, he departed from the text of that statement at times, at one point to emphasize that he wouldn’t step down as CEO of Pilot Flying J.

HASLAM: “Somebody asked me today if I was going to step down as president, and I thought to myself, ‘Well, why would I do that?' candidly. I haven’t done anything wrong, number one. And number two, if there’s ever a time the company needs our leadership, it’s right now.”

Haslam said the investigation was focused on a very small portion of the company’s business. And he reiterated that he and Pilot Flying J would cooperate with investigators.

A spokesman for the NFL has told the Plain Dealer that the league has no plans to ask Haslam to step down as the owner of the Browns.

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