Groups Calls On Both Political Parties To Support Paid Family Leave

Advocates call for paid family leave. (Andy Chow / Statehouse Bureau)
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A group is pushing Republican and Democratic convention goers to support paid family leave. Statehouse reporter Andy Chow has more.
A collection of advocates gathered to call on the Republican and Democratic national conventions to support a plan to give new mothers and fathers at least 12 weeks paid leave.

This can also be for other family emergencies.
Elizabeth Brown, a Columbus City Council member, says with its status as a swing state and the RNC coming to Cleveland, all eyes are on Ohio.
Brown: “Now is the time the parties officially put this into their platform and that our next president enact a national paid family leave standard.”
Advocates say paid leave improves moral, retains good employees and ensures that they don’t underperform after returning to work too soon.

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