Group Pushing Same-Sex Marriage Ballot Issue Changes Proposed Language

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Ian James of Freedom Ohio says language about recognition of same-sex marriages by religious institutions has been taken out, and that the group will start circulating the new petitions as soon as possible. But he says they still have the signatures they need to put the original issue on the ballot with a filing deadline of July 2.

“We have plenty of time now to keep collecting, or to collect this new petition, and the old one has enough buffer to last for a long, long time," James said.

James says the new language is an attempt to build consensus with Equality Ohio, the state’s largest gay rights group.

Equality Ohio has said it’s focused on educating Ohioans about the issue so it will pass once it’s on the ballot, but has disagreed with James on when is the best time to put it before voters.

James also says the group will be gathering signatures for a new issue – one to prevent discrimination in housing and employment.

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