Government Shutdown Forces Furloughs At Cleveland U.S. Attorney's Office

Stephen Dettlebach, U.S. Attorney for Northern Ohio
Stephen Dettlebach, U.S. Attorney for Northern Ohio
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Stephen Dettlebach, the U.S. Attorney for Northern Ohio, says 43 percent of his office's personnel are on furlough, while those remaining are handling duties at multiple levels.

He says staffing is prioritized based on matters that are most time sensitive.

{"So, something that is coming up in court, we're going to make sure we cover. A breaking law enforcement criminal matter, we're going to try to make sure that we cover. But just because something isn't happening tomorrow doesn't mean that it's not important. And there's just over the short, medium and especially over the longer run there's just no way to tell people that there's not going to be an effect on the services we provide the community."}

Dettlebach says the furloughs come on top of layoffs after the federal sequester imposed last winter. His office normally employs about 180 people.

The Cleveland Field Division of the FBI IS FULLY staffed, as are all field divisions, according to a spokesperson, who declined to elaborate further.

It's unclear whether federal justice and law enforcement personnel will be PAID for their work during the funding impasse is unclear. ABC quotes an internal FBI memo saying Congress would have to approve any retroactive pay.

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