GM Workers At Risk of Layoff

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Workers at American Axle’s Michigan and New York facilities went on strike on February 19th, shutting down production of parts used at more than two dozen GM plants. In the case of the Lordstown fabrication facility it’s a spindle used to make brakes for the Chevy Cobalt and Pontiac G-5. Dave Green, president of the UAW union local there, says exactly when the plant will run out of brakes has been a moving target, with the latest projection as early as Tuesday.

Green: “We were told March 21st, and then April 1st, April 4th, then April 11th, April 18th,, now April 15th. This is the first time the date’s gone backwards, and from the 15th to the 18th gives us reason to believe they must be running pretty short.”

On Saturday, a GM spokesman in Lordstown declined to say whether the fabrication facility would close.

More than 40 thousand GM workers throughout North America have already been idled because of the American Axle strike. About 1,000 more would laid off if the Lordstown plant shuts down. Green says while his union members are concerned, the union supports the striking American Axle employees.

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