Gay Marriage Activists Push Ohio AG On Federal Rulings

Photo by Jo Ingles, OPR.
Photo by Jo Ingles, OPR.

The group, Why Marriage Matters, dropped off 6,000 petition signatures from Ohioans to Ohio Attorney General Mike DeWine’s office.

Mike Premo, a spokesman with the group, explains the idea is to encourage DeWine to quit appealing recent federal court decisions that recognize the same-sex marriages of some Ohioans who were married in other states.

"Marriage equality is inevitable in Ohio," says Premo. "It’s not a question of if, it is a question of when and how. So it’s either through the courts or the ballot box, we are going to get full marriage equality in Ohio. So really for the attorney general to stand in the way of history, it is a waste of taxpayer dollars but it is also a grave injustice…. who are being denied the freedom to marry."

A spokeswoman for Mike DeWine says the office will not comment on the petitions or on plans for appeals.

Premo says his group is waging a large public relations campaign to help Ohioans understand the marriage equality issue.

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