Forum on Euclid Corridor Project

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Orange barrels, back hoes and traffic congestion have been commonplace along Euclid Avenue for the last couple years, as the RTA builds it's multi-million-dollar bus-link between downtown and University Circle. And some stores, restaurants and offices have complained about losing business during all of the construction confusion. Today at Noon, the community development organization "MidTown Inc." will hold a public meeting to let people air their concerns to RTA planning officials.

Midtown spokesman Kevin Ziegler says the streets have undergone radical change.

Kevin Ziegler: It's really affected traffic in the area -- tough getting through. The median has different crossings. This forum will help find alternatives and help businesses understand how the new vehicles will affect entrances to their properties.

Ziegler says the section between E.17th and E. 55th is almost cleared of construction clutter. RTA officials claim the entire project will be completed by Fall of 2008. David C. Barnett, 90.3.

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