Finding the Art and Technology Fit

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One of the founding ideas of the Ingenuity Festival in 2005 was to combine art and technology. Ingenuity Director James Levin admits that goal was not always met, because it was a bit vague. As he approaches the event's fourth anniversary he says he's starting to get much better submissions from artists around the world.

LEVIN: At least in the international arts community, we're getting known. We got over a hundred very complex proposals from all over the world. So, every year, that has been ratcheted up. And the artist selection this year is as good as any festival anywhere.

There will be events along East 14th street, in the Halle building, the Allen Theater and even here at the Idea Center. The 2008 Ingenuity Fest will last from Friday, July 25th through Sunday July 27th.

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