Federal Appeals Court Hears Same-Sex Marriage Cases

Photo: Viajor on Flickr
Photo: Viajor on Flickr
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Brittni Rogers and her wife were beaming as they pulled out their newborn’s birth certificate with the names of both parents -- something they hope all same sex couples with kids can do.

Their attorney argued in federal appeals court why the decision allowing it should be upheld in Ohio. Al Gerhardstein said from birth to death, same sex couples are being discriminated against.

"And this whole notion that this issue of recognizing people engaged in same-sex marriage should totally be dependent on the vote of the people runs contrary to every civil rights principle in the nation's history," Gerhardstein said.

Ohio’s attorney says the democratic process isn’t going that slow. It’s unclear how judges will rule. One said in states where same sex marriage is allowed the sky hasn’t fallen yet. But another said the best way to get dignity is through the democratic process.

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