Escaped Mansfield Prison Inmate Captured in Ashland

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James David Myers was recognized when he walked into the Olivesburg General Store in Ashland yesterday. Authorities say people in the store subdued, tied up and held Myers until Ohio State Highway Patrol officers arrived and took him into custody.

Myers - who worked in the maintenance area of the prison - had been incarcerated for a series of crimes.

Authorities had held a news conference just prior to word of Myer's capture. Captain Herb Homan of the Ohio State Highway Patrol detailing rather ironically to reporters that it is often the public that leads to re-arrests in these cases.

Homan: "Input of the public is essential. They provide us a lot of information that we may need to put the puzzle together and find out ultimately where he's been or where he's going. That's pretty much the system that we've had in place, it's been successful in the past and we'll continue to use."

Myers was serving time for stalking an Akron woman and raping her at gunpoint in July 2010. Police say he followed her home from a bar, broke into her house and attacked her.

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