Democratic Lawmakers Hope to Subpoena JobsOhio Execs

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Democrats have tried this week to stop funding to the state agency that services the loans offered by JobsOhio. They’ve tried to introduce a bill and amendments to other bills that would give the auditor authority to do a full audit of JobsOhio.

Now Rep. Denise Driehaus of Cincinnati says she’ll ask her colleagues on the Republican-dominated House Finance Committee to vote to order the heads of JobsOhio to appear before the panel.

DRIEHAUS: “They won’t come in on their own volition, so we subpoena those guys and say, we want you to come in and testify.”

JobsOhio received $5.3 million in state grants. There’s already a subpoena for JobsOhio’s financial records from Republican state Auditor David Yost. Gov. John Kasich and House Speaker Bill Batchelder have said he doesn’t have the authority to audit JobsOhio’s private donations – which total nearly $7 million.

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