Democratic Candidate for Auditor is Now Calling for Investigation of Charter Schools

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A few days Ohio, Republican Ohio Auditor Dave Yost launched a special state audit into that school and others, saying he’s concerned about allegations brought forward by the Ohio Education Association, the state’s largest teacher union. The Democrat running against Yost this fall, State Representative John Patrick Carney, says he thinks the charter schools need to be fully investigated.

“This is taxpayer money. The taxpayers deserve to have the curtains pulled back and understand how their money is being spent and what they are getting for it. And if they are not getting their money’s worth, then the public should not continue to spend good money after bad on these schools that are not getting the job done [….for our young people in the state.]”

Just last year, Carney himself sponsored a resolution in the Ohio House that praised a Horizon Academy in Columbus after it was selected as a National Blue Ribbon School. Carney says he did that based on knowledge he had at the time. Carney calls for more transparency in the operation and expenditures of charter schools.

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