In Defeat, Mandel Expresses Gratitude As American Candidate

Josh Mandel, last night in Columbus (photo by Brian Bull).
Josh Mandel, last night in Columbus (photo by Brian Bull).

Speaking before several hundred people in Columbus last night, Mandel thanked his volunteers and family, for their efforts in supporting his bid for the U.S. Senate. He said running a campaign – even a losing one – was a liberty many other people can’t afford.

“These elections we the end of them, no one gets shot," began Mandel. "Unlike in the Middle East and some places in Africa, and other third world countries. Oftentimes when the opposition loses an election, they’re persecuted or killed or they’re thrown in prison. The great thing we have in this nation, is at the end of these elections, win or lose, we’re all Americans.”

Mandel has served overseas as a Marine, and has compared civil liberties between nations in several past speeches and debates. He’s hinted at a future run, but for now he’ll return to his duties as Ohio State Treasurer.

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