Cuyahoga Sheriff Bob Reid 'Puzzled' by Request to Resign

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Reid says when he learned that Ed FitzGerald was conducting mid-term reviews of those in county leadership positions, he was happy to go along.

REID: "Actually looked forward to, looked forward until it happened, to a review and a critical critique, if that's the situation. I didn't know it was going to be as dramatic as it was."

Reid said when he met with FitzGerald on Wednesday, the county executive asked him to resign. Reid said he didn't know exactly why. Although Reid wouldn't get into specifics about his interactions with FitzGerald, he said they butted heads their first year working together.

REID: "But the last year has been very good, and we've gotten a lot of, a lot of things accomplished, a lot of goals and objectives done. And I'm puzzled as well."

FitzGerald has offered little in the way of explanation. But he told the Plain Dealer that Reid has done some good work, and that his request that Reid resign was a judgment call in the interest of making improvements. He did acknowledge to the Plain Dealer that he and Reid didn't always get along.

Reid took over as sheriff in 2009, shortly after then-sheriff Gerald McFaul resigned amid a criminal investigation. Frank Bova, former chief of the Warrensville Heights police department, who served as interim sheriff between McFaul and Reid, will step in again temporarily until FitzGerald names a permanent replacement.

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