Cuyahoga County Republican Applauds Romney's Debate Performance

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“Mitt Romney made it clear repeatedly on his tax plan that he’s focused on jobs. He’s focused on getting people back to work," said Frost. "The president continued to be untruthful. At one point, Governor Romney said, 'You’re not entitled to your own facts.'

“Governor Romney made it clear he’s focused on growing this economy, on creating more jobs. That’s how we create more tax revenue, is more people working, and paying taxes into our system.

“But another way I think he really showed strength, had to do with the military," Frost continued. "Governor Romney mentioned the military three times. Governor Romney mentioned that he would not cut the military. And to others putting their lives on the line to defend this country, what a kick in the teeth when their own Commander-in-Chief wouldn’t acknowledge their service because he’s too focused on the political challenge before him, of trying to seek re-election."

I pointed out that it's less than two weeks before Mitt Romney and Barack Obama face off again in yet another debate. So I asked Frost that if he had Mitt Romney’s ear for just a few moments, what areas would he coach him on more, to really take the battle to the president?

“Governor Romney, keep doing what you’re doing now," replied Frost. "I’m sure Governor Romney and his team had Monday morning, armchair quarterbacks, I guess you should say... they’ve, been very clear, very resolute, very deliberate, on what they wanted to lay out.

"And what people are now able to see, the clear, unfiltered Mitt Romney…no mainstream media filter…they’re able see that he is focused on exactly what we need the President of the United States to be focused on. That’s why Mitt Romney will be the next President of the United States.”

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