Commissioner Issues Med Mart Deadline to City Hall

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Commissioner Peter Lawson Jones says the city of Cleveland wants too much money for land needed to build the proposed Medical Mart.

The county's latest offer is17-point-five million dollars for the land, a sum Jones says also includes money for relocating some workers - and the loss of revenue from parking meters. While he declined to say how much the city is demanding for the property, Jones says it is too much, and that taxpayers would agree.

PETER LAWSON JONES: "The key thing to remember is that every dollar we spend to acquire property... is a dollar that doesn't go into the actual construction of the building."

Giving the city only until Friday to answer his call - Jones says there `are' alternate places the county could build a Medical Mart, while denying that private partner Medical Mart Properties Inc, is pushing to get a deal done faster.

JONES: "Not only MMPI, but the county, and I belive all of the citizenry want us to move forward on this as quickly as possible. I don't think there's been any undue or strong pressure being applied by MMPI in terms of advancing this project but we know that they are ready and raring to go."

Mayor Jackson later sent an email saying the city is "in discussion with the ultimate goal of reaching an agreement that will ensure the public receives full value for its' $425 million investment."

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