Cleveland Police Union Head Calls for Chief's Resignation

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In a press conference, police union president Jeffery Follmer said officers lost confidence in the chief because he didn't support them publicly after the shooting. He said it's time for chief Michael McGrath to step down.

Follmer defended his officers, saying the Nov. 29 chase was "the perfect chase," with no damage to property or harm to bystanders.

Follmer also said it was justified for 62 cars to get involved in the chase because officers believed someone in the car had fired a gun. He said police made a split-second decision.

FOLLMER: "There's car chases where a guy will come out and start firing. You never know what's going to happen. We're coming in numbers and we're going home together."

Earlier in the day at city hall, some Cleveland Council members questioned the attorney general's handling of the investigation. Mike Polensek said by releasing the full report, Attorney General Mike DeWine exposed police to unnecessary public scrutiny.

POLENSEK: "I think he's created a firestorm. And I think he's created a problem where now, you're gonna have police officers who believe their rights have been violated."

Polensek also said he worried that the publicity would hurt the families of the driver and passenger who were killed. He said eventually this issue will be settled by a prosecutor -- not by a public debate.

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