Cleveland is the Only Ohio City to Advance to Final Round in 2016 RNC Bid

Cleveland Mayor Frank Jackson noted this wasn't the first time Cleveland has been a convention finalist. In 2006, the city lost a bid for the 2008 RNC.

"And as you know, there's a big difference between Cleveland in 2006 and Cleveland in 2014," Jackson said. "So we believe we're well positioned to take this all the way."

Businesses have promised so far to put $25 million into a convention in Cleveland -- the city is likely to need to raise more than twice that amount.

Cincinnati bowed out of contention amid GOP concerns the city's arena didn't meet party criteria. And Columbus was knocked out of the running several weeks ago. Las Vegas also was in contention, but withdrew.

The other finalists besides Cleveland are Dallas, Denver and Kansas City. The Republican site selection committee will visit the remaining cities before making a final decision.

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