Cleveland To Host NCAA Midwest Regional Basketball Tournament In 2015

Cleveland will host the Midwest regionals, joining Los Angeles in the West, Houston in the South and Syracuse in the East.

Jeff Pacini, Vice President for Sports Development at the Greater Cleveland Sports Commission, predicts the weekend event will bring about five million tourism dollars to the city.

"There are not only the fans who are coming in to attend the games and sell out the 20,000 seats at the Q, but in addition to that you're going to get a lot of fans locally, regionally and nationally who are coming simply to be around the event in hopes of being there or at the very least watching it at the local bars and restaurants," Pacini said.

The regional tournament is a bigger feather in the cap than the tournament's opening weekend, which Cleveland hosted most recently in 2011. It's the lead-in to the final four, to be held in 2015 in Indianapolis.

"Not only with, obviously, this being a really important event for generating media interest and the spotlight, it can also help us land bigger events in the future because it demonstrates our capacity to host major sporting events," Pacini said.

The games will be played at Quicken Loans Arena. 53 cities competed to host the 4 regional events.

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