Cleveland Council Considers Ban On Texting While Driving

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The Council's safety committee discussed the proposed texting while driving amendment to the city's traffic code Wednesday with safety director Martin Flask. He supports it, with a caveat - police, paramedics and firefighters, he says, should be exempt.

The measure was introduced in January by Councilman Zachary Reed. He says texting while driving is even more dangerous than talking on the cell phone, and the Ohio legislature should consider a ban statewide.

Reed: "Not only on text messaging. I think the overall premise of using a cell phone while driving in your hand has to be eliminated throughout the state of Ohio."

Coucilman Mike Polensik said he was skeptical that the law would be enforced, or even that it's a priority.

Polensik: "Text messaging isn't the biggest issue in ward 11, I can tell you that right now. That's the least of my worries. I would be happy if the hoodlums were texting each other rather than robbing people out on the street."

The text messaging amendment is expected to come up for a council vote within a couple of weeks. If passed, violators would get a warning for the first offense, a fine of 100 dollars the second time, and 250 dollars for each additional offense.

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