Candlelight Vigil Held for Slain Officer

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Sarah Slade says that the picture of young Jason West in the newspaper was what moved her to come to the candlelight vigil in front of Cleveland Heights City Hall, last night.

Sarah Slade: Because, I have children of my own, you know. And I'm thinking someone's child, and how they must grieve.

Area religious leaders also spoke on behalf of officer West's family, trying to provide solace in a time of pain and disbelief. A number of speakers made a point to acknowledged the suffering of the family of Timothy Halton, accused of shooting the patrolman who was attempting to calm a neighborhood street fight. Cleveland Heights councilman Mark Tumeo said he found comfort last night's ceremony.

Mark Tumeo: A community could act in anger, there could be protests. We've seen that in other places where policemen have gotten killed. Instead, we come together with an ecumenical service. We grieve together as a community and we'll get through this together as a community.

There will be a private funeral mass for Jason West this morning at 11:00 in Avon. David C. Barnett, 90.3.

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