Brown Pushing To Protect Renters From Rapid Foreclosure Evictions

Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown
Ohio Senator Sherrod Brown

The Protecting Tenants at Foreclosure Act, passed in 2009, requires a bank or other receiver of a foreclosed home to allow tenants to occupy the home until the end of their lease. The two exceptions are when the new owner plans to occupy the home as a primary residence, and when there is no lease - and in both those circumstances renters must be given at least 90 days notice.

That law expires at the end of this year, leaving little recourse to tenants who may then face eviction with as little as a couple of days notice.

Brown says the law passed easily with bipartisan support, but renewing it and making it permanent will be a lot tougher.

"It was a Democratic House and a Democratic Senate then that passed it," Brown said.

"We're looking for Republican sponsors and we're looking for some other bill to attach it to that might be related, as we are on a whole host of other issues. It will be hard."

About 40 percent of people affected by foreclosures are renters, according to Brown.

Under the new bill, which Brown has signed onto as a cosponsor, the landlord obligation would not only become permanent, but tenants would have the right to sue landlords who don't comply.

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