Brown Criticizes, Portman Applauds Supreme Court Hobby Lobby Ruling

Photos: U.S. Government Printing Office
Photos: U.S. Government Printing Office

The court's ruling allows some employers to decline to pay for insurance coverage for some forms of birth control on religious grounds.

Democratic Sen. Sherrod Brown called the ruling "a tragedy for women's health," and said it gives more power to corporations.

"I'm a non-lawyer saying this, but if it looks narrowly constructed in its initial decision, it begins to open the door wider and wider to, corporate interests can do whatever they want,"Brown said.

Brown was also referring to another high court ruling exempting some public employees from paying union dues.

Meanwhile, in a statement early this week, Republican Sen. Rob Portman says the Hobby Lobby ruling supports religious liberties, adding, "The government should not force citizens to violate their religious beliefs in order to operate a business."

(Story by ideastream's Nick Castele)

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