Bill Would Alter Potential Prosecution For CCW-holders In Gun-free Zones

Jennifer Thorne, Executive Director of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence (Statehouse Bureau)
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Ohioans with concealed carry permits would not be prosecuted for carrying their guns into gun free zones if state lawmakers pass a new bill. From our Statehouse Bureau Jo Ingles reports.

Republican Rep. John Becker says concealed carry permit holders often walk into gun free zones inadvertently.

Under his new bill, they can be charged with a crime if they refuse to remove their gun from the premises after being asked. 

“Is that going to encourage people to violate those gun free zones intentionally? Perhaps. And frankly, I’m ok with that.”

Becker says since concealed carry permit holders improve safety, his bill also removes immunity for business owners who don’t allow concealed carry if a shooting were to happen on their premises.

“We think this bill is just plain bizarre.”

That’s Jennifer Thorne, the Executive Director of the Ohio Coalition Against Gun Violence, which opposes the bill, saying it tramples on the rights of businesses and makes the public less safe.

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