Big Data Comes To Cleveland

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ByteGrid’s Cleveland venture will consist of a major renovation of the Cleveland Technology Center, a site that spans three city blocks.

When operational, it’ll store and protect data for a number of companies and government operations, including those in finance, health care, and technology.

Todd Ellsworth is the Senior Vice President of Acquisitions for ByteGrid. He says both the site and Cleveland had appealing assets.

“It’s got a lot of access to power. It’s got a lot of access to network connectivity, which is important," explains Ellsworth. "And there’s really no one else in the market there that’s providing that quality and that level of service and inventory in the Cleveland Market or even the whole region. You’ve a lot of real nice market factors there, with the presence of a lot of Fortune 500 companies.”

Because of special sales tax exemptions enacted by the state, ByteGrid is required to create at least 20 new positions in its Cleveland facility.

The company is also expected to invest at least $100 million into renovating the space.

The Cleveland Technology Center already has a fiber optic corridor that spans New York to Chicago, something Ellsworth says will help retain clients and possibly attract others.

Previous acquisitions by ByteGrid include data centers in Chicago and Atlanta, and a data center campus in Silver Spring, Maryland.

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