From the Battlefront to the Workplace

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Three years ago, a group of vets in Cincinnati started an organization called "RecruitMilitary" which sponsors an employment expo that travels around the country with the aim of hooking-up veterans and vet-friendly companies.

Spokesman John Lundberg says attendance has steadily grown.

JOHN LUNDBERG: We were in Indianapolis back in February, and we averaged 300 every time we were there. That number over doubled, this past February, which was kind of surprising, but then again not --- given the times that we are currently in.

Although a lot of attention will be paid to the needs of recent veterans, Lundberg says the Career Fair is open to anyone who has ever served in the American military. There will also be job hunt help for military spouses. The fair takes place at Browns Stadium from 11:00am to 3:00pm.

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