Banning Trans Fat

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The closest that Cleveland has come to shunning trans fat was a 2006 resolution that encouraged a ban on the substance. In addition, Ward 9 councilman Kevin Conwell has called for a trans fat ban in Cleveland school menus. But, neither of these efforts carry the weight of New York's outright prohibition of the ingredient. Joel Davis, whose family has run Davis Bakeries in Northeast Ohio since 1939 says some of his recipes use trans fat, and that a ban would mean another price boost for his industry.

JOEL DAVIS: A lot of the smaller companies who are already struggling with the high cost of ingredients and everything else would definitely have a negative impact on them.

Faced with today's deadline, many New York bakeries have found trans fat substitutes, though some have heard customer complaints about changes in taste and texture. A number of fast food chains, such as McDonalds and Dunkin Donuts have eliminated trans fat from their menus altogether.

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