Attorney Makes New, Complicated Challenge To JobsOhio image by Rosario Esquivel. image by Rosario Esquivel.
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Columbus attorney Victoria Ullman has requested that the Ohio Supreme Court order the Attorney General’s office file a challenge to JobsOhio as a legal corporation, as only a government entity can do. And she's asking if that office is too politically conflicted, that she be appointed to do it.

“This is extremely hard. I don’t think anybody’s managed to do it. But it’s all we have left."

Ullman is working on her own now, but she had worked briefly with Progress Ohio as that liberal coalition prepared its challenge to JobsOhio.

The Ohio Supreme Court ruled 5-2 that Progress Ohio didn’t have the legal standing to ask the court to rule on the constitutionality of JobsOhio, but the majority opinion suggested that there are entities which do have standing.

A response could come in the next month.

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