Another Federal Lawsuit Filed Against Euclid Police Department

Lamar Wright with Sarah Gelsomino, the lawyer in his civil case against the Euclid Police Department. [Matt Richmond / ideastream]

The Euclid Police Department faces a second federal lawsuit for civil rights violations and some of the details are similar to an earlier lawsuit against Euclid police.

In the case filed Thursday, 36-year-old Lamar Wright alleges excessive force during a Nov. 4, 2016 arrest.

The lawyers representing Wright are also suing Euclid Police for the March death of Luke Stewart, who was tased and shot by a Euclid police officer.

“Something’s gotta change," says Wright. "He ain’t here to tell his story, I am, you know?” 

Wright says in his case the officers were in plainclothes when they approached.

Body cam video of Lamar Wright's arrest by Euclid Police:

In the body cam video released by Wright’s lawyers, he’s seen with his hands raised before a brief struggle, then he’s tased and pepper sprayed.

The officers can be heard saying they thought he was reaching for a gun. No gun was found and all charges against Wright were dropped months later.

The lawsuit is asking for damages along with reforms at the Euclid Police Department. A Euclid police spokesman said the agency does not comment on pending litigation.

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