After Fiery Departure, Fans Largely Cool With "Return Of The King".

A burning 23 jersey, fans wearing same (Mark Urycki,'s dchrisoh)
A burning 23 jersey, fans wearing same (Mark Urycki,'s dchrisoh)

Jubilant fans cheered and honked their horns outside the “Q” today, ecstatic that LeBron James was coming back to Cleveland.

Mark “Munch” Bishop hosts “Munch On Sports” on weekday nights for ESPN. He’s tickled at the turnaround in attitude.

“We hated him just a month ago, and everybody agreed with me! But now that he’s ours, he’s ours again…and it makes the difference between winning and losing. I also asked some other fans, I go, “So would we sell our souls to win?” They said, “Absolutely!”

In a statement posted on Sports Illustrated’s website, James has pledged to “lead” the Cavs towards a championship. He says while Miami knows the feeling, that’s something Cleveland hasn’t felt “in a long, long, long, time.”

But amidst all the cheers and honking horns, some critics remain.

“I don’t think he should come back,” says Jacqueline Jeffries of Shaker Heights. She says there’s nothing for LeBron here if he’s serious about winning.

“I love LeBron. He can come back to Cleveland, collect the money, be in his hometown. If he’s looking for anymore championship, I don’t I don’t think he’s gonna get it in Cleveland.”

Jeffries questions the team’s potential and leadership, and remains curious as to what the Cavs can give LeBron in return.

(Story by ideastream's Brian Bull)

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