11 Companies Receive Tax Credits on Promises to Hire Workers

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Gov. John Kasich says the state will provide financial assistance for 11 projects throughout Ohio. He says 874 jobs will be retained statewide with the money, and 410 new jobs will be created.

Among the companies getting assistance: Air Transport International in Wilmington. It plans to add 65 full time jobs. Jedsen Engineering in Cincinnati plans to create 30 full time jobs. Kroger will set up 23 full time jobs in Franklin County. Freeway Corporation in Cuyahoga County will create 20 full time jobs. RTS in Ashtabula is supposed to add 30 new full time positions. In Urbana, Robert Rothschild Farm is expected to institute 25 new jobs. All of the projects together are expect to generate more than 20 million dollars in new payroll, and all received tax credits from the state.

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