‘Silencers’ for Hunting, Adoption Reform Scheduled for Vote in Ohio Statehouse

Photo: Wikimedia Commons
Photo: Wikimedia Commons
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Among the many measures in the Statehouse this week is a Senate resolution to place a bond renewal on the May ballot to continue funding public infrastructure projects.

The House Agriculture and Natural Resources committee could vote on a bill that would let hunters use noise suppressors, also known as “silencers,” with their guns.

A bill intended to speed up the process of adopting infants could be voted out of a House committee. The legislation from Republican Representative Jim Buchy of Darke County would require certain pre-birth adoption notifications.

A House committee could vote on a proposal allowing certain motorized bikes and scooters to be parked on sidewalks. Rep. Senator Bill Seitz of Cincinnati says this measure is environmentally friendly.

“This is a way to encourage people to use more fuel-efficient vehicles to get to and from work on short commutes," Seitz said.

Other measures that could get a vote include an effort to fight algae growth and several bills to name highways after fallen Ohio soldiers.

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