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NASA SCIence Files The

Curriculum Areas: Mathematics, Science, Technology
Grades: 3rd Grade, 4th Grade, 5th Grade
Show Length: Twenty four 60-minute programs
Usage Rights: Unlimited
Production Date: 2000-2006
Distributor: NASA http://www.nasa.gov
Availability: CMSD-TV; Duplication; Stream or Download on website
WVIZ/PBS Broadcast:
Internet Site(s): http://nasa.ibiblio.org/program.php?program=NASA-SCI-Files
Teacher Guide: Available on website.

Available for duplication on DVD to WVIZ member educators for $10 per program. All other orders should go directly to NASA. Educators can stream or download full programs or program segments online at http://nasa.ibiblio.org/program.php?program=NASA-SCI-Files.

The NASA SCIence Files series (formerly called The NASA "Why?" Files) is a standards-based, technology focused, distance learning initiative designed to integrate and enhance the teaching of math, science, and technology in grades 3-5. The series uses problem-based learning and scientific inquiry, including the scientific method and science process skills, to introduce students to the excitement and exploration of real-world mathematics, science and technology.

The NASA SCIence Files is video and web-based and includes a resource rich teacher guide. Go to the NASA archives web page (http://nasa.ibiblio.org/program.php?program=NASA-SCI-Files) for math, science and technology concepts taught in the programs, and a teaching guide.

101. The Case of the Unknown Stink
The Tree House Detectives accept the challenge of trying to find the source of an unpleasant odor that is invading the neighborhood. To determine the source, detectives learn about the sense of smell, and how wind speed and direction influence the movement of odor. They also learn how NASA's Atmospheric Science research may help solve the case.

102. The Case of the Barking Dogs
Students and detectives try to determine why dogs in the neighborhood have unexpectedly started barking early in the morning and late at night. Using scientific inquiry, our detectives discover the why while learning about sound: what it is, how it is transmitted, and how humans and animals hear.

103. The Case of the Electrical Mystery
The tree house detectives are baffled. Why is the electricity on in the tree house, but off in all the houses on their block? Using scientific inquiry, our detectives determine the cause of the neighborhood electrical mystery and learn about electricity and how it is generated, and about electrical current, circuits and distribution.

104. The Case of the Challenging Flight
The tree house detectives accept a challenge to compete in a flight contest. Using scientific inquiry, the detectives design and build an airplane by using common household materials and learn about the four basic components of flight: lift, thrust, drag and gravity.

201. The Case of the Mysterious Red Light
Have you ever seen an unusually bright red sunrise or sunset and wondered why? That's exactly what happens in The Case of the Mysterious Red Light as the tree house detectives accept the challenge of trying to find the source of the red light.

202. The Case of the "Wright" Invention
Travel back in time with the tree house detectives to learn about the process of invention from two of the greatest inventors of all time, Orville and Wilbur Wright. As the detectives try to create their own invention, they get expert help from the Wright Brothers, NASA researchers, and other experts in the community. The tree house detectives find that inventing is not as easy as it seems, and it really does take the "Wright" stuff to be a good inventor.

203. The Case of the Inhabitable Habitat
Students are invited to actively join the tree house detectives as they investigate the devastating changes that have occurred in the local fishing industry. The fish have disappeared! In solving this case, the detectives learn about various habitats on land, in the water, and even in space. They learn about the animals that depend on these habitats and how changes created by man and nature affect their existence. The tree house detectives determine that habits can have a big impact on habitats.

204. The Case of the Phenomenal Weather
Join the tree house detectives as they plan a trip to the Caribbean and encounter problems in trying to predict the weather. In this case, the tree house detectives will learn about storms, such as hurricanes and tornadoes, weather fronts, global wind patterns, and climates. While solving the case, they will discover that predicting the weather is not predictable at all!

301. The Case of the Powerful Pulleys
One of the tree house detectives has had an accident and cannot get into the tree house. Using Problem-Based Learning, the rest of the gang investigates the world of simple machines and physical science and "pulls" together to get everyone into the tree house.

302. The Case of the Shaky Quake
Troubled by a strange tremor in the area, the tree house detectives investigate earthquakes. Join them as they delve into geography, geology, and plate tectonics to discover why they're "all shook up."

303. The Case of the Biological Biosphere
One of the tree house detectives is about to take a trip to foreign shores and is both excited and concerned. This is a chance of a lifetime, and he doesn't want to get sick and miss the trip. Come help the detectives learn about the human body as they discover that no man is an island, not even a kid.

304. The Case of the Galactic Vacation
The tree house detectives go galactic with their latest project, creating travel brochures for our solar system. What do you pack for a weekend on Jupiter or a spring on Saturn? Find out as the tree house detectives explore life beyond the atmosphere.

401. The Case of the Wacky Water Cycle
The tree house detectives' efforts to raise money with a car wash dry up when the city is hit with a summer drought. With the help of Problem-Based Learning (PBL), the group learns all about the water cycle, the water table, global climates and much more to get their project flowing again.

402. The Case of the Disappearing Dirt
Summer fun suffers a setback when the tree house detectives discover that their favorite spot on the beach is shrinking. It is "match, set, point" as the detectives dig in and learn all about erosion, rocks, and natural preservation.

403. The Case of the Prize-Winning Plants
Everyone's green thumb is put to the test as the tree house detectives attempt to grow award-winning plants for the upcoming fair. The tree house becomes a green house as the detectives experiment with soil, plant and animal life cycles, and genetics to grow the perfect plant.

404. The Case of the Radical Ride
The tree house detectives' latest project on alternative forms of transportation takes on new relevance when they get stuck in traffic. Join the crew as they learn about energy, composite materials, and technology in their quest for hassle-free traveling.

501. The Case of the Great Space Exploration
New discoveries by NASA and a new vision for space exploration create an excitement in the tree house as the detectives set out to learn what it will take to become a space explorer. Join them as they head to Space Camp and NASA to find out if they truly have "the right stuff." Math Standards: numbers and operations, measurement, data analysis and probability, problem solving, communication. Science Standards: science as inquiry, physical science, life science, earth and space science, science and technology, science in personal and social perspectives.

502. The Case of the Ocean Odyssey
Floating tennis shoes and oil globs wash up on the beach to set the tree house detectives in motion to investigate a unique world under the sea. Join them as they dive into learning about ocean floor topography, currents, ocean zones, and more. Math Standards: numbers and operations, measurement, data analysis and probability, problem solving, communication. Science Standards: Science as inquiry, physical science, earth and space science, science and technology, science in personal and social perspectives, history and nature of science.

503. The Case of Zany Animal Antics
Curious as to why the animals are behaving so differently, the detectives join forces with NASA and animal experts to discover the cause of the animals' zany antics. Come learn about the classification and life cycles of animals, migratory patterns, habitats, and much more. Math Standardts: numbers and operations, measurement, data analysis and probability, problem solving, communication. Science Standards: science as inquiry, physical science, earth and space science, science and technology, life science.

504. The Case of the Technical Knockout
In today's world of high tech devices, the tree house detectives discover that technology has its flaws when everything electronic stops working. Eager to get to the bottom of this electronic blackout, the detectives follow the wind to the nearest star…the Sun. Math Standards: numbers and operations, geometry, measurement, data analysis and probability, problem solving, representation. Science Standards: science as inquiry, life science, physical science, earth and space science, science and technology.

601. The Case of the Fitness Challenge
The tree house detectives are eager to win the Presidential Physical Fitness Award, but one of the detectives is not quite up to the challenge. They decide that it is time for a little research to learn more about being fit. They visit NASA to learn more about muscles, bones, and physical activity and why fitness is the key to space exploration.

602. The Case of the Mysterious Matter
The tree house detectives are baffled when they find an unusual object right beneath their feet. They enlist the help of NASA to help determine the origins of this foreign object. As they get to the heart of the "matter," they learn that all materials are different, and that technology can be a very useful tool.

603. The Case of the Energy Crunch
When the tree house detectives experience an electrical brownout, they energize into action to learn about Earth's energy budget. The detectives learn that all resources are not created equally and that conservation of non-renewable and renewable energy is very important.

604. The Case of the Deafening Sound
When a friend approaches them to help solve a noisy aircraft problem, the tree house detectives find that NASA is an expert in the sound business. Join the detectives as they learn how sound travels, how human beings hear, and what NASA is doing to quiet the skies.

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