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Be Well

Resources for Young and Obese

Tuesday, June 25, 2013 at 8:59 AM

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Resources related to the Be Well: Young and Obese coverage.

NetWellness Information

ideastream and NetWellness are partnering to bring more understanding to the health and medical issues you care about. Launched in 1995, NetWellness is a consumer health information website from Case Western Reserve University, The Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati.

Visit the NetWellness Kids Healthy Weight topic to learn more about childhood obesity and find information about other health issues.

In a special ideastream section of NetWellness you will be able to find in-depth chapter-by-chapter information for Young and Obese. 

Research and Studies

Physical Activity
Find out how many kids actually meet physical activity requirements.

Screen Time
Take a look at how high screen time is associated with a higher BMI.

Plate Size
Discover how the size of the plate can effect a child’s appetite.

Sleep and Weight
Find out how sleep plays an important role in weight gain among children.

Diabetes Guidelines
Learn about the updated guidelines for diabetes in children.

Kids and Calories
Explore how kids use restaurants’ calorie info.

Cleveland Urban Gardens
Check out the history of the Cleveland urban garden programs.

Emotions and Weight
Read about how emotions can play into a child’s eating habits.

Healthy Kids’ Meals
Learn how to make kid’s meals healthier.

Food Revolution
Learn about a social movement to make school lunches and other areas more healthy.

Kid vs. McDonalds
Take a look at a child who made a stand against McDonald’s marketing to kids.

Junk Food in School
Take a look at the access to junk food in schools.

Veggie Marketing
Learn about ways to make veggies more appealing to kids.

Lack of PE
Find out about concerns for cutbacks in PE programs.

Impact on Children
Learn about how childhood obesity will impact this generation

IMPACT (Ideas Moving Parents and Adolescents to Change Together)

IMPACT (Ideas Moving Parents and Adolescents to Change Together) is a family-based research program that aims to help families learn about healthy eating, weight management, getting better sleep, managing stress, and staying active.

The program aims to help sixth grade students of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District improve eating habits, increase physical activity, get better sleep, and find healthy ways to deal with stress.

Students and families will be able to participate in cooking demos, informational sessions on nutrition and body image, physical activity, and healthy living.  Through this project, students are being touched at the individual, family, and school level. The goal is to have a positive impact on the body weight and blood pressure of the students. 

The study began enrolling students in the Spring of 2012.

The seven-year project is led by Case Western Reserve University with clinical expertise provided by University Hospitals (UH) Rainbow Babies and Children’s Hospital.

To learn more about IMPACT, visit the IMPACT Home, call (216)368-3083 or email .


The Womb and Weight
Learn how the womb environment can increase risk of obesity.

Early Life Influence
Find out what behaviors during pre-natal and early life can increase childhood obesity.

Understand the Numbers
When it comes to obesity, a lot of numbers are involved, find out what they mean.

Take a Hike
Find out about trails, special events, festivals, and more at the Buckeye Trail.

Obesity Prevention in Early Care and Education Settings: Opportunities in Cuyahoga County

The earliest years represent a crucial opportunity to promote healthy weight among children. Early learning and care is an especially important setting for obesity prevention.

Childhood obesity has become an epidemic in the United States, where one in three children is either obese or overweight. Children in Ohio ages 2 to 5 years are more likely to be overweight or obese compared to children nationwide. Nearly three-quarters of all U.S. children ages 3 to 6 years are in some form of non-parental care. Of those children, 57 percent are enrolled in a center-based childcare program. Children consume a significant portion of their daily calories, and spend many of their waking hours in childcare. Therefore, early learning and care facilities are an important setting for obesity-prevention interventions.

There are many opportunities in Northeast Ohio to address this important issue.  To learn more about where we are and what we can do, see Obesity Prevention in Early Care and Education Settings.

This report was prepared by the Urban Health Initiative at Case Western Reserve University with support of the Mt Sinai Health Care Foundation for the Early Childhood Obesity Prevention Summit, January 28, 2013.

Programs and Initiatives

Fire Up Your Feet
Learn about a program designed to get kids moving.

Watch and Learn
Check out this video about the local research program IMPACT.

Getting Healthy Locally
Click here to learn about what Ohioians can do to live a healthy lifestyle.

We Run this City
Explore this special running program for kids attending Cleveland Public Schools.

Fit Youth
Read about the Fit Youth Program at the Cleveland Clinic.

Green Corps
Take a look at how a local program has given kids a green thumb.

Home Cooking
Learn why slowing down & cooking dinner might be a great idea.

Shiloh Cafe
Read about a middle school program that is focused on healthy eating.

Healthy Kids Healthy Weight, University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital

At its core, Healthy Kids Healthy Weight is a doctor-supervised early intervention, weight loss and exercise program for kids. Beyond that, it is an important resource for education and wellness.

• The program is open to children age 4 to 18 with a Body Mass Index (BMI) above the 85th percentile.
• The program’s centerpiece is a 12-week outpatient multidisciplinary program where specialists train kids and families how to practice healthier eating and exercise habits.
• It starts with diabetes testing and a full physical exam.
• The family meets the dietitian, psychologist and exercise physiologist.
• Children meet once a week with other children in their own age group. They exercise and get important nutrition and behavior modification training.
• While the kids are working and learning, their families master healthy shopping, meal planning and effective exercising.

Childhood obesity can become a vicious cycle of weight gain, inactivity and a cascade of health consequences. Healthy Kids, Healthy Weight is breaking the cycle—getting families back on track towards normal weight and better health.
To learn more visit Healthy Kids Healthy Weight, the Enrollment & Evaluation page or call 216.844.1966.

Public Policy

Health Care Reform
Read how the Health Care Reform Law is reforming childhood obesity.

USDA Guidelines
Learn about the United States Department of Agriculture guidelines for a proper diet.

Food Labels
Explore suggestions for improving food labeling so your family can make better choices.

My Plate Kids
Check out a Guide to help kids learn healthy portions.

Local Food Policy
Find out about a local organization for food policy in Cuyahoga County.

Access to Healthy Food
Take a look at research on how access to healthy food impacts food choices.

School Vending Rules
Find out about the USDA’s limits being set for junk food in vending machines

The Center for Child Health and Policy at Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital

Established in 2007, the Center for Child Health and Policy at Rainbow focuses on major health policy issues that are central to the well-being of children and youth. The Center recognizes that health policy forms a framework for all health care delivery, and that health policy is therefore essential to improving children’s health. In this way, the Center focuses on the nexus between policy and practice of pediatric medicine.

The Center fills a major gap - joining expertise in pediatric medicine and research with expertise in health policy. Operating as a think tank, the Center brings together experts in child health, health finance, law and policy to perform policy analyses, consultations, research, educational programming, and community outreach to advance child health through policy.

Work related to childhood obesity is a prime area of focus as well as: Maternal/Fetal/Newborn Health; Chronic Illness; Quality; and Care Delivery Systems. The Center is the only program devoted to child health policy in Cleveland and one of few nationwide.

For more information the Center for Child Health and Policy click here or call 216.844.6253.

Statistics and Data

The Basic Facts
Learn the basic facts, health effects, and prevention of childhood obesity.

Recent Statistics
Discover the most recent data and statistics.


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