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Be Well

Resources for Obesity

Monday, January 21, 2013 at 1:49 PM

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Resources related to the Be Well Obesity coverage.

NetWellness Information

ideastream and NetWellness are partnering to bring more understanding to the health and medical issues you care about. NetWellness, now in its 17th year, is a consumer information website from Case Western Reserve University, The Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati.

Visit NetWellness to learn more about obesity and while you’ll there you’ll find information on other health related issues.

Obesity & Cancer

The Effects of Obesity
Learn about the effects of obesity on cancer

Uncovering the Mechanisms
Explore why Obesity can cause cancer.

Overcoming Leptin Resistance
Take a look at how Leptin affects obesity and cancer.

The Status of Research
Discover what scientists and doctors know about cancer and obesity today.

Just the Facts
Get the facts on obesity and cancer.

Physical Activity and Endometrial Cancer
Look into how exercise helps fights cancer.

HPV and Cancer
Examine the influence of HPV on cancer.

Effects of a Lifestyle intervention
Find out the effects of a Lifestyle intervention.

BMI and Endometerial Cancer
Investigate the link between Body Mass Index and a specific type of cancer.

Epidemic or Overdiagnosis
Explore the debate on how much esophageal cancer occurs.

Is there a Link?
Read about the connection between obesity and esophageal cancer.

Are We Reaching the Peak?
Learn about the increase in esophageal cancer.

A Snapshot of Esophageal Cancer
Get the basics on esophageal cancer.

Kids & Diabetes

Youth and Type 2 Diabetes
Learn about how diabetes is affecting youth.

The Changing faces of Type 2
Explore how type 2 diabetes is no longer an “old people’s disease”.

Just the Facts
Find the facts on diabetes.

Determining the Scope
Learn about the scope of the epidemic.

Cuyahoga Youth Risk
Discover how the youth of Cuyahoga are at risk for type 2 diabetes.

Diabetes Care: June 2013
Take a look at the journal Diabetes Care. The June 2013 edition contains a series of articles about the “TODAY” Study (Treatment Options for Type 2 Diabetes in Adolescents and Youth).

Public Policy and Obesity

Health Insurance and Obesity
Learn about the connection between obesity and your health insurance

The Cost of Obesity
Get the facts on the money spent on obesity every year

Obesity Consequences
Read about the health and economic consequences of obesity

Reasons for Obesity: Lifestyle Issues

Leading Causes
Discover the leading causes of obesity

Leading Risk Factors
Learn more about the most common risk factors of obesity

Steps to Weight Loss
Learn about simple lifestyle changes that can promote weight loss

What are Overweight and Obesity?
Discover the meanings of “overweight” and “obesity”

Obesity and Teens
Help teens understand obesity and the importance of a healthy lifestyle.

Modern Sedentary Lifestyle
Find out why living a sedentary lifestyle can lead to obesity

Environment and Weight
Take a look at how your environment can affect your weight

Causes and Consequences
Get the facts about the causes and consequences of obesity

The Extraordinary Science of Addictive Junk Food
Read this article from the New York Times Magazine about the science behind junk food, and how it can be addicting.

Genetics and Family

Genetices and Obesity
Learn how genetics play a role in obesity

Can Genes Be Involved?
Discover the connection between your genes and obesity

Genes Can Cause Obesity
Read more on how genetics can cause obesity

Obesity’s Genetic Makeup
Get the basics on obesity and genetics

Genetics Predict Your Future
Find out how genetics can predict health risks and obesity

Environment or Genetics?
Explore the debate on whether the environment or our genes cause obesity

The Role of Genetics
Take a look at how genetics can play a role in obesity

Genes Affect Your Habits
Learn how your genes can affect your eating and metabolic habits

The Facts About Your Genes
Discover the role of genetics in obesity

Poverty and Access

Obesity and Poverty
Learn how poverty and a poor diet are connected

Poverty and Obesity Rates
Click here to compare the state by state poverty and obesity rates in the U.S.

Releationship Between Poverty and Obesity
Get the facts on the relationship between poverty and obesity

U.S. vs. International Trends
Learn how the U.S. contrasts international trends regarding obesity and poverty

HBO: Weight of the Nation
Take a look at this clip from HBO: Weight of the Nation that focuses on poverty and obesity

Obesity’s Links to Social Class
Discover how social class is linked to obesity

Effects and Medical Consequences

Your Daily Life
Find out how obesity can affect your daily life

The Modern Lifestyle and Obesity
Learn how today’s modern lifestyle causes obesity

Obesity Factors
Take a look at the different factors that contribute to obesity

Medical Risks and Consequences
Discover the medical risks and consequences of obesity

Health Effects on Your Body
Explore the health effects obesity can have on your body

Uncommon Health Effects
Click here to read about the uncommon health effects obesity can cause

Life Expectancy
Read how obesity can shorten your life expectancy

Childhood Obesity

The Facts
Get the facts on obesity and adolescents

The Basics
Learn the basics on childhood obesity

More Articles and Resources
Click here for articles and links that focus on childhood obesity

The Causes
Read more about the many causes of obesity


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