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Be Well

Resources for Surviving Stroke

Monday, September 19, 2011 at 9:21 AM

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Resources related to Surviving Stroke coverage.

Ask Questions Through NetWellness

NetWellnessideastream and NetWellness are partnering to bring more understanding to the health and medical issues you care about. NetWellness, now in its 15th year, is a consumer information website from Case Western Reserve University, The Ohio State University and the University of Cincinnati.

If you have stroke questions, then it is time to get answers. Visit the NetWellness Stroke Ask an Expert forum to anonymously ask your stroke questions.

To learn about more than just stroke, visit NetWellness where you can get answers to your specific health information questions on numerous topics

The Fundamentals of Stroke

What is a Stroke?
Learn more about America’s third leading cause of death.

Basic Stroke Information
Learn about different types of strokes and their causes.

The Causes of Stroke
Take a look at what causes strokes and the treatment for it.

An Overall View of Stroke
Stay informed about stroke and the many ways to avoid it.

Anti-bodies in Stroke
Discover how natural anti-bodies can play a role in stroke.

Different Types of strokes
Read about the different types of strokes and their symptoms.

Explaining Stroke
Find out what happens at the hospital when stroke patients arrives.

Explore what Atherosclerosis is and how it leads to stroke.

60 Percent of Stroke Deaths are Women
Read the numbers on stroke’s wide-reaching impact.

Stroke Statistics
Take a look at how many Americans have a stroke each year.

Avoiding a Stroke
Find out how you can avoid a stroke.

Disparities in Stroke
Discover how stroke affects different ethnicities and regions.

Understanding a Stroke
Read about the different effects stroke can have on the body.

Map of the Brain
Take a look at where exactly a stroke occurs in the brain.

Video Explaining Stroke
Watch how different types of strokes occur in the brain.

A Slideshow of Stroke
Click through this slideshow and see how strokes occur and what are the risk factors.

Stroke Basics for a Caregiver
Get some tips on how to be a good caregiver for a stroke victim.

Stroke Facts
Check out these interesting facts about strokes.

Everything You Need to Know
Take a deeper look at stroke and how you can avoid it.

Stroke Emergencies

Stroke Emergency Facts
Find out what you should do in a stroke emergency.

Stroke Treatment Centers
Find a stroke center near you.

Mobile Stroke Screenings
Stroke screenings in a van? Learn more about this mobile medical service.

Stroke Screening Uproar
Take a look at the controversy surrounding mobile stroke screenings.

What To Do During a Stroke
Watch this short video on how you can help someone during a stroke.

Warning Signs
Learn about stroke symptoms and risk factors.

How Doctors Diagnose a Stroke
Find out how doctors diagnose a stroke.

Recognizing a Stroke
Explore the symptoms of stroke and what makes a stroke severe.

FAST Campaign for Stroke
Learn a quick way to remember the signs of a stroke.

Stroke Signs and Symptoms
Check out how to act FAST when someone is having a stroke.

Stroke Myths
Take a look at some of the myths and realities of stroke.

Act FAST Sing Alongs
Listen to some songs written about stroke symptoms.

Time is Brain
Find out why it’s so important to Act FAST during a stroke.

Stroke Quiz
Test yourself and see how much you know about strokes.

Stroke Treatment

Treating an Acute Hemorrahagic Stroke
Take a look at some surgical treatments for hemorrhagic strokes.

What Is Hemorrahagic Stroke?
Read about the symptoms of a hemorrhagic stroke.

How to Treat Hemorrahagic Stroke
Explore the treatments available for hemorrhagic strokes.

Overview of Stroke Treatments
Take a look at all the options for stroke treatment.

New Diagnosis and Treatment
Read about new stroke diagnosis and treatment options.

Stroke Treatments
Learn about stroke treatment and rehabilitation.

Treatment Options
Explore different options for stroke treatment.

What Is the TPA Drug?
Learn about the clot-busting drug for stroke treatment.

Treatments and Drugs
Take a look at both drug and surgery treatments for stroke.

Using the TPA drug
Discover when doctors should use the TPA, clot-busting drug for a stroke patient.

Stroke Surgery
Explore surgical options for strokes.

The Role of Surgery
See what a neurosurgeon has to say about the role of surgery for stroke victims.

Removing Plaque
Take a look at how surgeons clean out the plaque from arteries.

Surgery Risks and Benefits
Learn the risks and benefits of surgical plaque removal.

Endarterectomy Surgery
Find out what happens when surgeons remove plaque from arteries.

The Perils of Stenting
Read about brain stents and how drugs may be a better option.

Brain Stent Problems
Take a look at how brain stents could do more harm than good.

The Use of Stents and Coils
Read about aneurysms and how they can be treated.

Carotid Stenting
Take a look at what carotid stenting looks like.

Cholesterol Drugs
Check out how cholesterol drugs can help blood flow after stroke surgery.

Preventing Strokes
Find out five ways to avoid a brain attack.


Recovering from a Stroke
Find ways to manage your post-stroke fatigue.

Stroke Disparities in Cuyahoga County
Learn about Cuyahoga County’s health disparities.

Stroke Recovery
Learn how to care for stroke victims in your family.

Stroke Rehabilitation
Take a close look at stroke recovery and the disabilities that can follow a stroke.

Stroke Effects
Explore the statistics of stroke recovery and the effects of strokes.

What to Expect
Find out what to expect during stroke rehabilitation.

What Happens in Stroke Rehab
Read about stroke rehabilitation and who stroke patients normally work with.

Stroke Recovery
Take a look at what happens during stroke recovery.

Effects of a Stroke
Read about the post-stroke rehabilitation process.

Articles On Stroke

The Stroke Belt
This article from the New York Times talks about the “stroke belt” and where it’s located.

Local Stroke Survivor
Read about Bill Forester running the race of his life. 

Signs a Stroke Is Happening
Learn how to spot a stroke as it’s happening.

Strokes and Young People
Find out why strokes in younger people are happening more frequently.

Having a Stroke
CBS News covers stroke and how people can be more aware of the signs and symptoms.

A Stroke Survivor’s Story
Listen to a stroke survivor describe her stroke experience.

Student Video
Take a look at high school student Brian Capuder’s video on stroke and video games.


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